Controlled Breathing

by Sugary Sweet Machines

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Controlled Breathing is the second LP by two-person industrial post-rock band, Sugary Sweet Machines, and is a departure from the band's noisy, chaotic debut. Rather than being extremely experimental, Sugary Sweet Machines have chosen to take a more focused approach. Although still dark and atmospheric, the album takes a much more different approach than Tours of the Bleak by being more ambient-influenced and making use of live instruments such as the viola. In addition, nearly every song on the album features spoken word vocals.

Like their debut, Controlled Breathing is a concept album, but instead of having a general concept the album follows a narrative storyline. Conceptually, the album takes place in an industrialized, dystopian future in which the world has become grim and ugly. In order to keep the people in line, the government issue sleeping pills that contain prescribed dreams that allow the people to escape from their harsh reality every night. The album is told in a first person perspective through the eyes of one man who decides to stop taking his pills and have real dreams. As the album progresses, he begins to feel contempt for the real world as he slowly loses his grip on reality. The story is told through the lyrics of each song, labeled either "Dream" or "Awake."

Download for the album includes four bonus tracks, various artwork, and the music video for "Dream III."


released September 10, 2014



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Sugary Sweet Machines

Sugary Sweet Machines are a two-person industrial band based in the US. The band's music is experimental and primarily electronic-based, incorporating elements of funk, metal, post-rock, ambient, and noise music into the mix as well for am atmospheric and dynamic sound. In addition to electronics, they have also utilized vocals, bass, guitar, viola, and bass clarinet in many of their songs. ... more

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Track Name: Dream I
June 28 2022. Tonight's prescribed dream, a walk through the rainforest of South America.

Be at peace as the chirps of birds echo through the trees.

Be soothed by the gentleness of nature, and the tranquility of the river that flows beneath your feet.
Track Name: Awake I
When I wake
the TV is on playing an ad for dreams
The people look so happy so peaceful
Like they are living in a different shade than this world
the ad reminds me to restock my prescription
The train to work makes the same rhythmic noises it always does
full of passengers no one talks
I watch a grey world pass by the windows
I try to remember a melody but it escapes me
The elevator up to my office
a coworker hums the melody from last nights dream
he speaks to me
"what did you think of last night's show? They are sure are getting better, I actually felt I was there"
I nod my head, he says the similar thing every day. halfway up I stop at my floor
shift through hundreds of medical reports
I erase them, remove their existence
but the images stick with me
The brain decomposing, the body stuck in repetition
I know its the pills but can we live without them
My shift ends that evening
on the way out I’m handed my dose
they tell me I'll like this one, a peaceful night floating on a still lake
to relieve the stress
I decide to walk home
toss the pills into the ditch
A night without prescribed dreaming
Track Name: Dream II
The evening sun sets and you wonder who you are
But you can’t remember your day
Where you have been
Who you met
What you have done with your life

When the morning sun rises will you be able to remember who you were
Track Name: Awake II
Awake again
Train to work; the rhythmic patterns seem off
my headache gets worse.
The noises outside are violently loud
the people inside too quiet
I scream at them to talk to me
they look away

I can't make it to work
My body feels weak, hollow
(as if wants to collapse into its self)
too much noise
too much nothingness
(too much of everything)
I need to go back
Track Name: Dream III
Greeted with endless darkness
A place unvisited for a long time
a pale woman lays before me
Ghostly, empty
She embraces me and I have never felt so real
We spend several centuries together in a single night
she writes the secret to life just below my eyes
every time I blink I see it

The hour of waking approaches
She melts in my arms
loneliness not caused by the emptiness
but the excess of everything
I lose control of the dream

Back in my room old and grey
Close my eyes and read
“You don’t have to believe in this world
please come back”
Track Name: Awake III
No! Please I need you!
The dream, it was so real
The TV screams at me to wake up
'Don't forget to pick up your prescription'
The noises outside have become so loud
I cover my ears
but I feel the ugly vibrations across the skin
I can't, I can't stand to live here
The government has caused everyone to worship false dreams
have taken their bodies under control and left the mind to crumble
My mind has deteriorated, I don't know if I'm able to dream anymore
But something left an imprint of something that I need to remember
With every bit of myself I block the noises outside and invite the dream back
Track Name: Dream IV
Every night I remember her a bit better
she's grown recognizable features
I can finally see her smile and it makes me happy
I lay with her in the chaos and feel comfort
The beauty of the dream floods out the noise of the day
I remember when i first met you; you had missed the bus
but you were still smiling, the prettiest smile I had ever seen
I wanted to offer you a ride home but nerves took over and the words came out wrong
but you did not care, you thought I was funny
I spent my entire life with you
they took you away
I remember the day they took you
a glance back at me as I laid on the floor; needle in my head
A single beautiful smile before they led you away
the greatest act of defiance
and something I could never forget
Your image will stay with me forever
You left a gun in the dresser
Track Name: Awake IV
June 28 2022. Tonight's prescribed dream, a walk through the rainforest of South America.

Be at peace as the chirps of birds echo through the trees.

Be soothed by the gentleness of nature, and the tranquility of the river that flows beneath your feet.
Track Name: Dream V
I wanted to say goodbye if things didn't work out right
Even now my mind isn’t healthy enough to hold on to your image
The paradise I created is melting away and my primal fears are creeping in
It is all I can do to remember you, your beauty, your beautiful smile
It goes faint
You grow quiet, pale and empty
I was too late to discover you
I must do something, something big before all my thoughts melt away
I have to kill the source, the man at the top floor
And maybe others can make it out
Track Name: Awake V
The elevator continues to rise past the office floors
Controlled breathing keeps me alive
I clench the gun in my hand make sure I'm still here
Stops at the top floor
A guard greets me in the hallway
I’m sorry
the vivid red reminds me that I'm sleepwalking again
The puppet strings pull at my mind
but I will stay awake long enough to scatter his brain across the dream
Followed by mine
The hallway seems endless but I make it to the door
Without hesitation, two bullets to his chest one to his head
I wait patiently for the body to become motionless
Breath deeply
Then I count to three
Track Name: Dream VI
You're becoming more recognizable everyday
I've almost got your smile perfect
Please don't cry, we have all the time in the world now
Her gentle touch makes me forget I ever existed